Saint-Martin’s Best French Restaurant

Believe it or not, there are many French restaurants at Grand-Case in St.Martin, simply because the region has a long history of being culturally French. Being able to say that you are the best French restaurant in St.Martinis really a major accomplishment, and it’s one that Bistrot Caraibes takes very seriously. If you have never been to this secret gem of St.Martin, it’s time for you to check it out. This petite French restaurant has attained a reputation for excellence throughout St.Martin, and its reputation is now beginning to reach an international level.

Much like any French restaurant you’ll ever go to, Bistrot Caraibes prides itself on serving some of the most savory, mouthwatering dishes that will ever touch your mouth. Whether you decide to try the house specialty ofLobster Thermidor, or the notoriously flavorful grilled rack of lamb, you can expect to have some of the best food that you have ever had in your life. Best of all, the foods that are served are always made with the freshest ingredients. Guests often marvel at the rich sauces that accompany dishes, the tender meat that often falls right off the bones, and the beautiful presentation of every single dish. Yes, Bistrot Caraibes definitely made the French proud by elevating cooking to the level of a fine art, and it goes without saying that the restaurant’s chefs deserve all the applause that restaurant critics have been offering them.

Yet the food alone is not what makes Bistrot Caraibes the best French restaurant at Grand-Case, in Saint.Martin, and saying otherwise would not really convey the true spirit of this one of a kind restaurant. Much of the beauty of Bistrot Caraibes can be found in its upscale, elegant, yet markedly casual dining atmosphere. Often considered to be one of themost romantic French restaurants on the island, Bistrot Caraibes is a restaurant that has seen its fair share of marriage proposals simply due to the serene and intimate atmosphere that it has managed to cultivate.

You also cannot have a great restaurant without excellent service, and this is yet another realm in which Bistrot Caraibes manages to wow critics. Every staff member at Bistrot Caraibes is trained to provide the utmost care to each guest, so prompt, polite, and friendly service is always in vogue in this intimate little restaurant. Guests can expect service with a smile every time they visit, and to have their food cooked to perfection. Even the most demanding guests leave satisfied with the service they have experienced at Bistrot.

Lastly, it should go without saying that a restaurant that has a reputation for high quality like Bistrot Caraibes always uses the very best ingredients in every aspect of the restaurant’s creation; fresh food, well-trained staff, beautiful scenery, and acoustics that are fitting for fine dining. If you have ever wanted to experience the finest French dining outside of France, then going to Bistrot Caraibes is a must. You simply will not find more a more delicious, authentic, and breathtaking experience outside of France itself.

Janice Zimmerman…  A world Wide Traveler who felt in love with Bistrot Caraibes.