Don’t miss Bistrot Caraibes !

We have been going to Bistrot Caraibes restaurant year after year for 12 years and it never disappoints. The brothers who own the restaurantare charming hosts and the staff is always friendly and accommodating. The fresh fish cooked in creative ways, is always delicious. Don’t miss Bistrot Caraibes!
Wonderfull restaurant, great staff…go there, the food is really good as french gastronomic restaurant. the staff is pleasant, smily and professionnal.


We came to dinner to celebrate my birthday. Thibeault greeted us at the door and seated us. Thibeault asked if we would like something to drink and we ordered cocktails while we perused the menu.
We have been here several times before and I am in love with the scallops with saffron sauce. On this night, there were several specials and the lovely attentive waitress convinced me to try the Chilean sea bass special. This was baked and served over a goat cheese and wine sauce and was amazing. I started with the seared tuna special. This was cooked to perfection and served with teriyaki sauce and a creamy spicy sauce that was to die for.
My husband ordered the escargot special. This came out in a creamy garlic and mushroom sauce that was superb. He had the lamb shank special that was served over a red wine reduction and it was marvelous. We ordered 1 creme brûlée to split. Thibeault and the 2 waitresses put a sparkler in the dessert and presented it to me while singing Happy Birthday! The brûlée was superb. Some rum to finish off the night.
This was the best complete meal we have had this year. Bistrot Caraibe, Ocean 82 and L’Auberge Gourmand have a partnership. Make sure you get the “passport” and visit all three restaurants. You should receive your first drink or a glass of champagne for free.
If you visit all three, you should receive a bottle of rum which is delicious.

Good Time

I had come to St-Maarten for a good time. One of the pleasures is finding good food and service with a smile. Well after trekking the island for a place to call amazing I think I found it Bistrot Caraibes. What makes this place special well service with a smile. Table always looked after, and the wonderful person who does all this is Nadia.
You know when you go to a place and request your food to be repaired a certain way and surprise it comes out just the way you asked for it. My wife had a 4lb lobster done in this amazing sauce. It was outrages, tasty, tender, perfectly cooked! I had beef tenderloin cooked exactly how I asked to perfection. My son had lamb chops again can’t get tired saying this perfectly done. We had a wonderful bottle of wine ( my wife likes her wines a little sweet.
The hostess picked on and again don’t get tired of saying this it was just what my wife wanted. Dessert was equally Delicious! Finally if you visit St Maarten this is a must! This is a fine dining experience. The service excellent, Atmosphere superb, Kitchen amazing. Also this is in the French side of the Island so don’t forget prices are in Euros!
Nadia thank you for your hospitality! Oohhhh must have some of the home made spice Rum……Nice very Nice.

Attentive staff

We went with friends we met last time on the Island of Saint-Martin and this is a favorite of theirs ! We couldn’t have asked for more attentive staff, the French Onion Soup is the best I have ever had. Since dessert is my thing, the Creme Brule is wonderful too.
We sat for so long and enjoyed every morsel of food and drink we closed the place. We wanted to tell the Chef how amazing he was but even he had gone home. Yet they did not rush us, we were lost in a wonderful evening ,great friends and food !

Wedding anniversary

My husband and I took our first trip to St. Martin this past June. We actually rented our studio from the Mezières, which influenced us to visitBistrot Caraibes, although we had also already been aware of it from its high reviews on Trip Advisor.
We were not disappointed. The decor and openness to the street outside was very warm and welcoming. Although we didn’t get the lobster, it was very tempting since you get to pick out your own, and it was fun to watch others do so.
From start to finish our meal was excellent. Amaury was on staff that night and he was very fun and engaging to talk to. It was also our wedding anniversary, and they helped us celebrate by adding some decoration and sparklers to our dessert for a pleasant surprise (note to self: upload the great photo that our waitress took later).
We will definitely be returning to St. Martin and to Bistrot Caraibes.
My wife – of almost 40 years – and I are very experienced travelers. Our children have grown up traveling with us – and on their own – and all four of us have both enjoyed and truly appreciated food around the world – all over the US including Alaska, the Caribbean (I’m a SCUBA diver of 40+ years), Europe, Asia, Mexico, Central and South America.
We have traveled to the major cities around the globe – both for business and pleasure – and experienced food prepared by some of the world’s greatest chefs. While we lived in New York City we have eaten French cuisine at Le Circe, Lespinasse, La Colombe D’Or, Le Grenouille, Perigord Parc, and a favorite was Lutece on a regular basis. We have enjoyed Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia, as well as Bistrot Perrier.
And last and certainly not least, as a family we had the most incredible lunch at La Tour d’Argent in Paris, overlooking the Seine and Notre Dame. And then we came to Grand-Case in June of 2013. We had been to Marigot some 30 years ago but never really knew of Grand-Caseuntil we decided to reunite our family there this year. While there is no shortage of restaurants in Grand-Case, as a family we knew we would be looking for French fare the entire week we were there. And while we experienced other restaurants, including
L’Auberge Gourmande, Ocean 82, and La Villa, we dined at Bistrot Caraibes 3 of our 7 nights there!!! To us, a dining experience is not just the venue, food and wine. A dining and wining experience is not only for the senses of taste, smell and touch. It is the entire experience. It is often your evening’s entertainment, especially when you dine late. And we found Bistrot Caraibes to be the most pleasant dining experience!
The owners, Thibault and Amaury Mezière, are delightful, personable hosts and their service staff, most notably the two ladies with whom we fell in love – Nancy and Nadia – were always fabulously attentive. The whole atmosphere for us was one of fun, along with some of the finest, delectable, sumptuous, fresh, deliciously inventive preparations. Our 25 year old daughter may have said it best in recommending Bistrot Caraibes to her friend who was heading to St. Martin last month on her honeymoon:
“The BEST restaurant we ate at there (and honestly one of the best I’ve ever been to) is called Bistrot Caraibes. There is a redhead there named Nancy (pronounced very French, as she is Belgian) and a fab other waitress named Nadia. They will take great care of you! We ate three dinners there we thought it was so good. After dinner, the island’s signature move is to put shots of rum down on the table (if they really like you they’ll put the whole bottle down and let you go to town).
This place has a house-made ginger lemon rum that tastes banging! The things to order there that are the best are: Lobster Thermadore and if they are still serving it, lamb covered in goat cheese baked in a phyllo dough crust. I ordered it the first night and it was so good I almost cried.” We indulged in the indescribably delicious lobster thermidor several times as well as the Homemade Smoked Norwegian Salmon appetizer! The smoked salmon melts in your mouth and was incredibly flavorful!
If you’re going to Grand-Case, this is a MUST for the most delectable food from the most wonderful people!